Employers & Employees

  1. Registration of the Employer under the Dublin Coach Tax Saver Commuter Scheme can only take place online  at dublincoach.ie/taxsaver in accordance with the procedures and policies  set out below and Registration is a legally binding endorsement by the Employer of these Terms and Conditions.
  2. The Employer undertakes with to comply with such terms and conditions issued by the Revenue Commissioners in the Revenue Tax Briefing Guide at http://www.revenue.ie/en/tax/it/leaflets/benefit-in-kind/passes.html  (the “Revenue Terms and Conditions”).
  3. The Employer/Employee acknowledges and agrees that Dublin Coach and/or its employees is not giving any tax advice or otherwise to the Employer or the Employer’s directors or employees,  and any tax savings indicated are merely an indication of potential benefits accruing to the employer and employee. As indicated all savings are dependent on the individuals’ PAYE, PRSI and USC rate bands. Administration and operation of the Taxsaver Scheme, including, without limitation, the Employer’s administration or operation of any salary sacrifice arrangements, salary deductions, administration of PAYE/PRSI, alteration to terms and conditions of employment or otherwise  are the responsibility of the Employer. 
  4. The Employer agrees to pay Dublin Coach in full for all passes purchased by the Employer under the Taxsaver Scheme.  The Employer agrees that it shall purchase the passes under the Taxsaver Scheme and not its employees. The Employer agrees that it shall make the passes available to its employees in accordance with the Revenue Terms and Conditions.
  5. Dublin Coach shall not disclose any 3rd party information gathered as part of the application of the scheme to 3rd parties in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Data Protection Legislation.
  6. Prices for monthly/annual passes are based on those published on our website and are subject to change at the company’s discretion
  7. The Employer/Employee acknowledges that passes issued to it under the Taxsaver Scheme are non-transferable and specific to employees for whom they are purchased.
  8. Lost or stolen monthly passes will be replaced by Dublin Coach subject to the following Terms and Conditions.
    1. replacements shall only be issued on receipt of confirmation by the employer in writing to info@dublincoach.ie
    2. An administration charge of €20 will apply to any replacement pass.
  9. Refunds: No refunds/credits will be given for monthly passes. The following provisions shall apply to refunds/credits for annual and part-yearly passes: All refunds/credits are purely at the discretion of the Dublin Coach. All passes must be returned by the Employer to Dublin Coach with a cover note on the Employer’s headed paper outlining the reason for the refund application. 
  10. Misuse of any passes issued under the Taxsaver Scheme will be deemed as violating the applicable terms and conditions and render the misused pass subject to confiscation.
  11. Dublin Coach shall not be liable for any delay or interruption to, or cancellation of, Dublin Coach services, including any consequential loss arising therefrom for annual/monthly pass holders.
  12. Dublin Coach reserves the right to vary the times of bus services operated by them respectively.